Our Free Tuesday Night Wellness Classes will be on the First and Third Tuesdays of the month. They are full of information that you will be able to use to make informed decisions about how you take care of yourself and your family.

Our Trauma Class will show you how to identify the different traumas that you may have sustained. Have you ever fallen, hit your head, been in a car accident or had surgery? Did you know these traumas might have caused undetected nerve damage? We will show you how this affects your health and give you the tools to minimize and repair this damage.

Our Stress Class will give you the basics of what stress is and what it does. Did you know that stress is a major component of the 7 leading causes of death:cancer, heart and lung disease, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, accidents and suicide? We will offer you simple easy tools to protect your self and defend against the dangerous effects of stress on your body!

Our Toxicity Class will help you recognize the 82,000 toxins that we encounter every week and what they do to us. Did you know that your body makes fat to protect itself from the toxins that it cannot eliminate? We will tell you what tools you need to do to help your body get rid of these 82,000 toxins and minimize their affects!

You will earn 5 Wellness Dollars toward clinic services for each Free Tuesday Night Wellness Class you attend and an extra 5 Wellness Dollars for every new friend or family member you bring along with you!

Our Advance Classes will give you more information and a deeper understanding of the processes our bodies undergo when dealing with the Trauma, Stress and Toxicity in our environments.We will provide you with the tools you need to balance the internal and external environments so that you can achieve your highest potential holistically.Our programs and classes focus on providing you with the tools to improve the energy and vitality in you and the world around you so that you can achieve abundance in your life through investing in yourself.

Stress Defense Training Classes will give you the nutritional, physical and emotional tools you will need to defend against the effects of stress in three interactive hours.Since you do not always have control over the events in your life so it is very important to build your body’s defenses so that you will be able to protect your health, wealth and happiness!

3 hour class $29.00, syllabus included. Bring a friend for only $19.00

Partners Massage Class will teach you how to communicate so that you can give and receive a relaxing massage.In this fun filled interactive four-hour class you will learn the benefits and contraindications of massage and how to give a massage without hurting your partner or wearing yourself out.Bring a pillow, a towel and both of your hand and we well show you how to give a great massage. The massage is done through clothing.

4 hour class $39.00, syllabus included. Bring a friend for only $29.00

Nutrition Class 101 will focus on the foundation of what to eat and what not to eat and why.In each of our Wellness Classes you will get an idea of proper nutrition to better position yourself to support a healthy lifestyle.In this three-hour class we will breakdown the physiology and utilization of the different nutritional food groups and the vitamins and minerals necessary to stimulate and activate our metabolic processes.We will concentrate on the nutrition necessary to maximize weight loss and whole body nutritional cleansing

3 hour class $29.00, syllabus included. Bring a friend for only $19.00

Feng Shui Class will teach you how to balance your external environment.In this fun filled three- hour class we will show you how the ancient art of placement works so you can perform acupuncture on your house or office to increase energy and harmony. Feng Sui helps to reduce stress and maximize your mental clarity by reducing the clutter and harmonizing the energy in your environment.

3 hour class $29.00, syllabus included. Bring a friend for only $19.00

Top Ten Pain Relievers is a class that will teach you the basics of muscle testing and 10 very effective and simple techniques to relieve pain, stress and discomfort. This class has its foundation in Touch for Health and in four interactive hours will provide you with tools to help your family and friends. This is an excellent class for massage therapists and body workers but everyone will find these techniques fun and easy to learn and great to use everyday!

3 hour class $39.00, + $12.00 for Manual. Bring a friend for $29.00 + Manual.

Touch for Health, TFH is a practical guide to natural health using acupressure touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. TFH is a four level course, which builds upon each level, however each level stands alone. Continuing Education Credits are available through TFHKA to Nationally Certified Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB), Provider Number CEP 050467-00 for 15 Contact Hours and to Nurses, Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 13015, for 1.2 hours of CEU credit per one hour of class time, ie 18 Contact Hours per Level.

Touch for Health Introduction Class will give you an understanding of this effective technique that is available to professional and lay people alike.In this three-hour class you will learn the amazing art of muscle testing and how to regulate the energy in the body at any given moment.

3 hour class $29.00, syllabus included. Bring a friend for only $19.00 (If you decide to take Touch for Health Level I your class fee will be applied to your tuition)

Touch for Health Classes I-IV

TFH Level I introduces the art of muscle testing and procedures to balance the first 14 basic muscles and acupressure meridians.You will learn skills to increase energy levels, mental clarity, enhance immune system function and reduce stress.

TFH Level II reviews and builds on the first 14 basic muscles from TFH I and introduces 14 additional muscles, balancing theories, which include gait testing, pain control, Tibetan energy, balancing for goals and performance enhancement and much, much more.

TFH Level III presents the Chinese 5 Element Theory and balancing models, which include sound, color and emotional balancing.Additional techniques include pain tapping, postural stress release and 14 new muscles.

TFH Level IV reviews TFH I-III and practices a 42-muscle balance in the standing and reclining positions.New skills include postural analysis and nutritional balancing.

Each TFH Level is 15 hours and priced at $225 + $35 Manual which covers 2 levels.Special pricing and discounts are available for early sign up and combination packages-call us for more details.