Top Ten Pain Releasers

A great self-help class for you, your family and friends

What you will learn

1) Basic muscle response testing

2) Auricular energy - for tight neck muscles
Use the ears and reflex points to relax the neck muscles

3)Pain relief through music

4) Meridian massage - for pain & stress relief
Trace the 14 meridians to move energy and balance the body!

5) Specific neuromuscular Reset - for pain
Use muscle response testing as a biofeedback tool to reset pain recptors!

6) Brazilian Toe Massage- a personal favorite

And much more!

This interactive, fun filled class is taught by two instructors!

Yes two instructors for the price of one!

Paul McManus, CMT

Foster McManus, DC

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Cost $99 + Manual $13

CEUs Available


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